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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dennys Funny Quotes: Check Out Funny Business Names in Louisiana

Dennys Funny Quotes: Check Out Funny Business Names in Louisiana: From Denny:  Of the few local newspapers left in America - before they get gobbled up and homogenized by Big Business to turn a bigger profit - there are those small papers that still retain a local flavor.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana and The Advocate is one of them.

A local reporter by the name of Smiley Anders has been collecting and writing this funny column since 1979 when he first started in the business.  The public write in their true stories of funny situations that happened to them.  The public also pass on local Cajun jokes for good measure.

One day Smiley was calling out for readers to send in funny business names they have seen in their Louisiana communities.  Some of the names are downright odd and funny crazy.  Some business owners actually invested in these silly names!...

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cute Funny Christmas Cartoons

Check out the irreverent cartoonist offerings for the holiday season.

From Denny: Have you ever noticed how gift giving is always related to crafty politicians? They gift to their rich donors and take from those in need. So when holiday season comes around every year cartoonists are quick on the uptake to notice and offer their observations.

Of course, with the growing need of everyone to be plugged into technology the tech cartoons are growing in abundance too. Santa has to get in the act when it comes to social media.

Chip Bok

Chip Bok

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Funny Holiday Fashion: Gluttony Pants

Get the latest holiday clothing to ensure comfortable holiday feasting.

From Denny: Now it's fashionable to stuff yourself at the holiday table AND wear the gluttony pants to accommodate it? :) Well, this fashion designer guy has thought of everything for the holiday foodie: gluttony pants. They come complete with three levels of "buttons" that determine just how stuffed you want to get and let out that waistline to friend it like a bad social site. Geeez! "Do ya think?" these gluttony pants are even discreet? Well, at least you don't have to worry about literally busting your buttons at the dinner table. How embarrassing, right? Now you can groan post-meal in style!