Monday, November 3, 2014

A Truth Journal: VOTE! Political Fails, Missteps, Midterms, ISIS, NFL: Late Nite Jokes

A Truth Journal: VOTE! Political Fails, Missteps, Midterms, ISIS, NFL: Late Nite Jokes: From Denny:  Make sure you VOTE! to get your voice heard above the lying political campaign ads.  If we want to change out our politicians who refuse to attend to the needs of the American people and get this country going again, then VOTE! even if you did not intend to vote until 2016 for the presidential campaign.

Make sure you have a valid I.D. like a driver's license or other state issued I.D.  Republican legal teams will be out in full force nationally to challenge voters at the polls, intent upon throwing out millions of votes or preventing millions of voters from being able to exercise their right to vote at all.

Even here in Louisiana the Republican brand is so disliked by voters that the candidates refuse to acknowledge they are Republicans on all their yard signs and political literature.  The public may be almost as angry with the Democrats but less so than with the Republicans who are too lazy to work but 13 percent of the time in Congress.  Why are we paying these lazy fools $168,000 annually anyway?  Part time work should be rewarded with part time paychecks and no health care plans since they are temporary workers.  Works for me.

Meanwhile, enjoy the political jokes, poking our most greedy and clueless politicians.  Get out and VOTE! and create a tsunami to overwhelm Congress with how the middle class wants real change and real change now...

Holiday Message Greeting Cards (pk Of 10)

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Check out this funny saying promoting the human race!
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Holiday Candy: Peppermint Crunch Bark

Recipe photo
Photo: King Arthur Flour

From Denny:  Looking for a holiday food gift idea?  Any kind of chocolate bark is fun and easy to make - and definitely much appreciated by your friends and family!  Have you noticed how the grocery stores have started stocking all the ingredients for holiday baking - and many at good prices?

Making holiday food gifts gives you an opportunity to grow your baking and cooking skills.  It's also more fun than chasing around the shopping malls - or online - looking for the best last minute holiday deals to save a few dollars.  The higher stress level is just not worth that dog and pony show.

This holiday recipe features both white and dark chocolate layers, a bright red and very festive looking candy cane crunch along with that refreshing peppermint flavor. You might be tempted not to give this candy away as gifts! :)

If you don't enjoy the peppermint flavor or candy canes try your favorite candy flavor in place of the peppermint candy canes.  You could use less of the candy canes and mix it with another candy you enjoy that would complement the peppermint flavor.  Or you could use a favorite nut.  In our house there are always options for experimentation to hit on a new twist of a favorite recipe!  Take a little time and experiment on part of the bark as you lay it out to see what your house enjoys the best.

Ingredients available in ounces and grams too if you live outside of the U. S. Of course, the King Arthur Flour site sells several of the products in the ingredient list - links included if you cannot find another version of the products in your area and you would like to purchase online. 

(FYI - I don't have any affiliation with King Arthur Flour - just enjoy many of their recipes. And, yes, the ads are from my Denny Lyon Gifts store at Cafe Press.  Be sure to check both the Denny Lyon Gifts store and the front page of Cafe Press for flash sales and discounts.  Proceeds go to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and St. Jude's Hospital to benefit military families, military veterans and civilians too.)

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Happy Holidays Poinsettia Greeting Cards (10 pack)

Happy Holidays Poinsettia Greeting Cards (10 pack)

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