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Monday, February 2, 2015

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: 3 Joy Quotes: How Does Practicing JOY Bring Order and Harmony Into Your Life? Also, Joy Contagious Lip-Syncing Cop Viral Video

From Denny:  Now if everyone in politics and every CEO in Big Business would read this, think how much people would quit hating their jobs, their bosses and their politicians!

Joyful X 2 Bathmat
Joyful X 2 Bathmat

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: 3 Joy Quotes: How Does Practicing JOY Bring Order and Harmony Into Your Life? Also, Joy Contagious Lip-Syncing Cop Viral Video: From Denny:  Have you ever noticed that when you are filled with Joy that your whole world is suddenly harmonious and everything just falls into place?  Joy is contagious too.  When you feel good, everyone around you feels good too!

While not everyone is called to enter into the decades long rigorous training to become a mystic for the benefit of humanity, a lot can be learned and practiced in everyday life to better enjoy life's journey.  Practicing Joy is practicing healthy spirituality, regardless of religion or no specific religious preferences at all.

Joy is a central principle for the human spirit.  Joy sustains us through life's sorrows   and disappointments.  Joy acts as a counter balance while climbing out of depression or grief, dealing with past trauma and the ensuing PTSD, keeping us from sinking down further into negative emotions and thoughts.  Joy is important to safeguard not just our mental, emotional and spiritual health but it has a direct positive benefit upon our physical health too.

Adults often develop habits that steer away from Joy.  Babies laugh hundreds of times a day.  How much have you laughed out loud today?  How much have you laughed in the past month?  Do you find your world crumbling around you, feeling out of sorts and grumpy, thinking limiting thoughts, focused upon how little is going your way? ...

Joyful X 2 Padfolio

Inspire: Keep your Joy up and flowing to attract order and harmony into your life all year long!  
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Dennys World of Quotes: Christmas: Funny and Thoughtful Christmas Quotes and Short Poems

Dennys World of Quotes: Christmas: Funny and Thoughtful Christmas Quotes and Short Poems: From Denny:  Well, now that we have finished Christmas breakfast at our house it's time to roll out these fun Christmas quotes and Christmas poems for you and yours to enjoy!

Oh, how rude of me not to give you the Christmas breakfast menu:  a Dutch Baby Oven Pancake with spiced cooked apples and a side of Honeysuckle Italian style ground Turkey made into a sausage which I spiced up extra with some seasoned brown rice, smokey paprika, garlic and extra virgin olive oil before shaping into small patties and cooking on the stovetop.  Yeah, it's a tough day at our house all right. :)

And, yes, I made the roast turkey yesterday since we like to celebrate Christmas Eve as well so that pressure is non-existent.  Made a wonderful wet rub for the turkey that sat a day uncovered in the fridge to marinate:  rubbed under the skin and on top with a mixture of red moscato wine, extra virgin oil, and lovely spices and herbs like marjoram, rosemary, sage, ginger, sea salt, black pepper, smokey paprika, garlic powder, a touch of lite soy sauce and more.  Blanched the green beans earlier in the week so all that needs to be done today is to heat them up in clarified butter and some spices as a side dish.  All the cooking left is to bake the Louisiana sweet potatoes which are a divine dish in themselves they are so sweet! .... Click on the title link above to view the funny quotes at my quotes blog...

For plenty of holiday recipes and recipes for the entire year you can check out my four food blogs where I collect the best of our local cooks, my own recipes and variations, as well as the news and food networks:

Joyful X 2 Rectangular Canvas Pillow

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Monday, November 3, 2014

A Truth Journal: VOTE! Political Fails, Missteps, Midterms, ISIS, NFL: Late Nite Jokes

A Truth Journal: VOTE! Political Fails, Missteps, Midterms, ISIS, NFL: Late Nite Jokes: From Denny:  Make sure you VOTE! to get your voice heard above the lying political campaign ads.  If we want to change out our politicians who refuse to attend to the needs of the American people and get this country going again, then VOTE! even if you did not intend to vote until 2016 for the presidential campaign.

Make sure you have a valid I.D. like a driver's license or other state issued I.D.  Republican legal teams will be out in full force nationally to challenge voters at the polls, intent upon throwing out millions of votes or preventing millions of voters from being able to exercise their right to vote at all.

Even here in Louisiana the Republican brand is so disliked by voters that the candidates refuse to acknowledge they are Republicans on all their yard signs and political literature.  The public may be almost as angry with the Democrats but less so than with the Republicans who are too lazy to work but 13 percent of the time in Congress.  Why are we paying these lazy fools $168,000 annually anyway?  Part time work should be rewarded with part time paychecks and no health care plans since they are temporary workers.  Works for me.

Meanwhile, enjoy the political jokes, poking our most greedy and clueless politicians.  Get out and VOTE! and create a tsunami to overwhelm Congress with how the middle class wants real change and real change now...

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Check out this funny saying promoting the human race!
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Monday, December 24, 2012

True Christmas Story: Funny Christmas Conversations

Do you remember the funny and downright lame excuses your parents used to give you when talking about Santa coming to visit on Christmas Eve? 3 videos.

Le Père Noël en chair et en barbe !

From Denny:  Think back. How much can you remember about the things your parents used to tell you about Santa? This Christmas Eve my husband and I started that conversation. Though we have been married many years there were still some things we did not know about each other.

We laughed about the incredible stories our parents told us on Christmas Eve. It was becoming a contest between whose parents were the most outrageous storytellers. I think my husband’s parents won that contest as his mother was mostly Irish. The Irish have quite the reputation for storytelling even after generations of living in America. Bonnie was highly intelligent, creative, charming and just so endearing that she quickly became my favorite person in his family. She really insisted upon keeping a positive attitude, living the joy of life no matter what was going on around her.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cute Funny Christmas Cartoons

Check out the irreverent cartoonist offerings for the holiday season.

From Denny: Have you ever noticed how gift giving is always related to crafty politicians? They gift to their rich donors and take from those in need. So when holiday season comes around every year cartoonists are quick on the uptake to notice and offer their observations.

Of course, with the growing need of everyone to be plugged into technology the tech cartoons are growing in abundance too. Santa has to get in the act when it comes to social media.

Chip Bok

Chip Bok

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny Video: WikiLeaks Reveals Santa Naughty List

View a cute problem-solving session on the school playground.

From Denny:  Turns out WikiLeaks likes to snitch on everyone - even little kids. This cute little farce lampoons just how far WikiLeaks will go to leak information. In this little ditty the kids are calling "a staff meeting" on the playground to figure out how to do "damage control." It turns out WikiLeaks leaked Santa's Naughty List. These kids are worried about how to deal with the repercussions of all their antics becoming public knowledge. One even calls his lawyer while others decide to run for the hills. Kind of reminds you of politicians when they can't handle the heat when yellow journalists snitch on them. The real question is "So, who rats out the yellow journalists like the National Inquirer and the WikiLeakers?"

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Funny Santa Cartoons And More Smiles

Check out the most recent funny Santa cartoons along with some cracked cartooning minds.

From Denny: This year the cartoonists outdid themselves when it came to Santa interpretations. Is there anything, anyone or any situation they did not consider? These guys have some of the funniest perspectives on how we live from moment to moment. It's like we are all in a glass cage and they are on the other side observing, laughing and doodling to their heart's content. :)

The Santa Legend lives!

Nick Anderson

Monday, December 3, 2012

Music: Christmas Carol Flash Mob Sarcastic British Style

Hear The 12 Days of Christmas like you never heard it before.

Christmas Carolers

From Denny: Singing "The 12 Days of Christmas" with new sarcastic lyrics only the British could have penned. It certainly describes the mood of the country here in America. Looks like there is a worldwide dissatisfaction with political leaders. Very clever, well done filming.

This subversive Flash Mob hail from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. This mob performed at Nottingham City Center on 19 December 2010.

The lead choir of local vocals:
Sophie Johnson-Hill
Nina Smith
Meritia Robinson
Captain Dangerous
Jay Thomas
Aurelie of Cecil Grey

Organized by the Dealmaker and Glass Ceiling Productions, filmed and edited by Fourmost Films that took a marathan 12 hours.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Funny Holiday Fashion: Gluttony Pants

Get the latest holiday clothing to ensure comfortable holiday feasting.

From Denny: Now it's fashionable to stuff yourself at the holiday table AND wear the gluttony pants to accommodate it? :) Well, this fashion designer guy has thought of everything for the holiday foodie: gluttony pants. They come complete with three levels of "buttons" that determine just how stuffed you want to get and let out that waistline to friend it like a bad social site. Geeez! "Do ya think?" these gluttony pants are even discreet? Well, at least you don't have to worry about literally busting your buttons at the dinner table. How embarrassing, right? Now you can groan post-meal in style!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Funny Video: NYC Carolers Flash Mob Sings Christmas

Funny and clever singing and dancing takes New Yorkers by happy surprise during Christmas season.

Christmas Carolers

From Denny: This is too funny. These "Folate Carolers" showed up as a flash mob experience for happy New Yorkers, busy snapping away camera phone photos to prove they were there. Turns out it's a promotion for women to remember to get enough Vitamin B12 "folate" in their diets. Apparently, 2 out of 3 women do not take in enough of the vitamin. Now this is what you call a very clever Public Service Announcement well done! :) What a great way to bring a smile to your day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Funny Flash Mob Video: Dancing Elf Horde Invades New York City

Get into the holiday spirit with a flash mob dancing horde of Santa Christmas elves making mischief in NYC.

Santa & The Merry Elves

From Denny: This is more of a performance than a true surprise flash mob spontaneous dance but hey, it's fun and entertaining. It happened last year in November 2009. Elf Yourself elves take over Union Square in New York. Their message: Elf Yourself!

My dancing elf self

They are also promoting the ElfYourself site, sponsored by Office Max, where you can place a photo of yourself into a frame of an elf and print it. You can create up to five elf photos for free.