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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cute Funny Christmas Cartoons

Check out the irreverent cartoonist offerings for the holiday season.

From Denny: Have you ever noticed how gift giving is always related to crafty politicians? They gift to their rich donors and take from those in need. So when holiday season comes around every year cartoonists are quick on the uptake to notice and offer their observations.

Of course, with the growing need of everyone to be plugged into technology the tech cartoons are growing in abundance too. Santa has to get in the act when it comes to social media.

Chip Bok

Chip Bok

Monday, December 10, 2012

Funny Santa Cartoons And More Smiles

Check out the most recent funny Santa cartoons along with some cracked cartooning minds.

From Denny: This year the cartoonists outdid themselves when it came to Santa interpretations. Is there anything, anyone or any situation they did not consider? These guys have some of the funniest perspectives on how we live from moment to moment. It's like we are all in a glass cage and they are on the other side observing, laughing and doodling to their heart's content. :)

The Santa Legend lives!

Nick Anderson