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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny Video: WikiLeaks Reveals Santa Naughty List

View a cute problem-solving session on the school playground.

From Denny:  Turns out WikiLeaks likes to snitch on everyone - even little kids. This cute little farce lampoons just how far WikiLeaks will go to leak information. In this little ditty the kids are calling "a staff meeting" on the playground to figure out how to do "damage control." It turns out WikiLeaks leaked Santa's Naughty List. These kids are worried about how to deal with the repercussions of all their antics becoming public knowledge. One even calls his lawyer while others decide to run for the hills. Kind of reminds you of politicians when they can't handle the heat when yellow journalists snitch on them. The real question is "So, who rats out the yellow journalists like the National Inquirer and the WikiLeakers?"

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Funny Santa Cartoons And More Smiles

Check out the most recent funny Santa cartoons along with some cracked cartooning minds.

From Denny: This year the cartoonists outdid themselves when it came to Santa interpretations. Is there anything, anyone or any situation they did not consider? These guys have some of the funniest perspectives on how we live from moment to moment. It's like we are all in a glass cage and they are on the other side observing, laughing and doodling to their heart's content. :)

The Santa Legend lives!

Nick Anderson

Monday, December 3, 2012

Music: Christmas Carol Flash Mob Sarcastic British Style

Hear The 12 Days of Christmas like you never heard it before.

Christmas Carolers

From Denny: Singing "The 12 Days of Christmas" with new sarcastic lyrics only the British could have penned. It certainly describes the mood of the country here in America. Looks like there is a worldwide dissatisfaction with political leaders. Very clever, well done filming.

This subversive Flash Mob hail from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. This mob performed at Nottingham City Center on 19 December 2010.

The lead choir of local vocals:
Sophie Johnson-Hill
Nina Smith
Meritia Robinson
Captain Dangerous
Jay Thomas
Aurelie of Cecil Grey

Organized by the Dealmaker and Glass Ceiling Productions, filmed and edited by Fourmost Films that took a marathan 12 hours.